REMO CUCINE has always produced fitted kitchens, both classic and modern. From many years the company is well aware of the importance and the role that the environment "kitchen" has always played and mostly now plays in the homes of the people: the kitchen is now a place that brings together the family affections in the evening, which better than any other space is expression and emotion for those who live in the house. The kitchens of REMO CUCINE bring emotions and they know perfectly adapt to any style and need, creating their own style thanks to the fact that what characterizes them mainly are the materials, which are carefully selected, and a high variety of woods , colors and finishes . They include, for example, total extraction reels for drawers with stop mechanism and invitation to the closing, the hinges are tested and appliances are the best of all the most famous and prestigious brands. Ultimately, the quality of all these highly customizable solutions translates into synonymous with beauty, functionality and durability.