In 2005, the entire machinery equipment has been completely renovated and greatly expanded over the last decade: the best of modern industry is deployed in a production area of 2500 square meters, in which, for example, edge banding electronic Solution and Holzer alternate to center Morbidelli X5 AutoX , to the VPR that covers frames and profiles or to the press Italpresse for the processing of the polymeric. In addition to the creation of special products, which would hardly be achievable with other techniques, the company is specialized in the use of special machines that support the use of so-called "fifth axis". With this program, the creation of objects that require processing in three dimensions is no longer an utopia: it is now easy to model elaborated products such as boat hulls, spheres, etc. .

Despite the high technological component, the prerogative of REMO CUCINE, however, is to ensure the tailoring in the execution of the product, creating a system of personal tailoring of excellence.