Research & Innovation

Ideas, materials, technologies & people.

The whole history, from the beginnings of the REMO CUCINE until now, has been characterized by constant research both in the design and in the materials and technologies, with an artisan approach , however, related primarily to the experience of the founder, who makes this company even today a “tailoring” lab - company ", where tailor-made solutions are sewing, stitching them according to the excellence of Made in Italy.

REMO CUCINE, over the years has always been known both for its innovative ideas in design and for the provision of leading technical details in the sector. In this creative space, the wood has always been an innovative material, as well as natural, eco-friendly, renewable and reusable and since then the 90s began to be joined by other materials, perhaps less "noble", but extremely versatile, which provide significant opportunities for expression and are able to shape even the most avant-garde ideas, sometimes requiring the courage of their choices. In this challenge, there is always experimenting and adopting new technologies, and to move towards new directions, to anticipate and then meet the demands of even the most sophisticated customers.