Our Company

Founded in 1959 in Pievebelvicino as an artisan company in the home furniture industry, REMO CUCINE was mainly devoted to the production of kitchens on projects for many years.

The succession in the company of the younger generation has allowed to the company to combine the skilled handmade crafts, heritage of the wood-working tradition interpreted by the founder Remo Dalla Via in an exemplary manner, so as to earn him the title of "worthy master craftsman”, with technological innovation, expanding the production, at first, even to the structures and finished products, facilities and furnishings for shops, large commercial areas, offices, restaurants and bars, and even then, most recently, to the sector " pharmacy".

Recently, the Remo Kitchens has specialized in the manufacture of doors and panels polymer, creating a line of modern wall paneling solutions both for an elegant and refined business spaces and for the most exclusive interiors for homes.

From the management’s point of view, the company, while continuing to expand, has been able to maintain their family reality, making it become one of the strengths of the company, and making it synonymous with solidity. This business reality, linked to the local community, translates as perfect combination of craftsmanship and innovation, able to set themselves new challenges and have been consistently competitive both in customization of products and in the different price’s ranges, thanks to the wide variety of possible workings, all included within the great passion for quality.

Currently, the company is able to offer its customers a high degree of flexibility, thanks to the creation of two divisions within the company, one , the "REMO KITCHENS", which still occupies the production of kitchens, both complete and in the form of semi-finished products , the other, the "HOME & BUSINESS FURNITURE", which allows it to offer highly customized solutions in various fields, next to the most recent LIVING COLLECTION.

The perfect union of craftsmanship and innovation which instills emotions in all his creations...