The materials used by REMO CUCINE are expression closer to perfect union of craftsmanship and innovation: among those materials we include battenboard pannels, 3-layer wooden panels , multi-layer, recycled wood, MDF, as well as solid wood, veneer both natural and precomposed, laminated sheets, and finally the polymeric.

REMO CUCINE a few years ago, in fact, introduced into its range of products the processing of the polymeric. The use of this material, ductile and flexible, has allowed a considerable enlargement of the package of products, such as the processing of shaped panels or even more particularly the processing of doors of sizes and shapes very different. The processing of this kind of product has totally revolutionized the concept of furnitur in the recent years and now we can produce high quality objects significantly reducing lead times. The particularity of this material consists in fact in a particular membrane which, by means of the pressure exerted by a press, is made to adhere to the raw structure, ensuring excellent quality. The world of the polymeric is continuously expanding and now the types of membranes can cover a variety of needs: from a synthetic fabric is in fact able to obtain types of membranes ranging in all fields, from the most unusual of artificial colors to the more refined wood. Challenge of the future for the company, this product has already marked a new era. The processing of the polymeric has allowed the development of new forms and figures for the projects themselves. This is the case of the machining of MDF, a material that, once shaped and worked, it is coated by the polymeric film, making it particularly singular.